• Research and Development Project Review
    • I have extensive experience in reviewing running research and development projects, from the point of view of deliverable quality, risk management, and progress. Previous clients include the European Union and commercial organizations
  • Research and Development Proposal Review
    • I also have extensive experience of reviewing and helping develop R&D proposals; this can be developing proposals for external funding (commercial or government); developing projects from concepts to well defined projects; identify tchncial and commercial alternative approaches and assessing projects for funding once proposals are submitted. Clients include the European Union, the Governments of Ireland, the Netherlands, and Finland, as well as various branches of UK government and commercial organizations.
  • Other Services
    • Technical due diligence for investments; project management; prior art searching.

The services are mainly for Information Systems generally and my special areas of expertise including information access, search engine technology, text mining, and multi-media indexing. However I have also been used to review and support projects in areas as diverse as chemistry and life science, and new media art.